Our mission

About Jumbo Texel

Of course you can find everything on your daily shopping list, but we also offer something extra in our stores. We strive to provide a gezellig meeting place--a place where you consistently experience the best service and highest quality. We hope to see you soon in one of our store locations on Texel.


How it started

In 2020 we gained ownership of the two Jumbo supermarkets on Texel. After having operated a supermarket in Lemmer for ten years, we thought it was time for a new challenge. We left for Texel with our newborn daughter Famke and have not looked back since!


What sets us apart

We distinguish ourselves from other supermarkets with the overall pleasant atmosphere that exists in our stores. There is great collegiality among employees, many of whom have been working at Jumbo for years. There is also a warm conviviality between employees and our regular and new customers. Additionally, we offer a wide range of products manufactured on Texel, a fact that adds to the authentic feel of our stores and of which we are very proud.

We strive to elevate your shopping experience and continuously improve and modernize our stores!

Sjoerd & Marrit